Over 20 Years of Breeding Red Angus Cattle

This is our 23rd year trying to raise the best Red Angus cattle in the most strict environments. For us, quality cattle have never been the exception; they are the rule.

Over the years, I've run Weber Land and Cattle with a "common sense" approach to breeding cattle. They need to breed up, have good feet and udders, be low imput and wean a big calf. No excuses. We've sent some great ones to town that didn't fit the bill. A combination of power, balance on paper and productivity on pasture are what you can expect from these future herd sires.

Good cattle, honesty and trust have built the WEBR program to what it is today and we look forward to a future with you,

The Webers
Jesse, Michelle, Wacey, Reese & Andi, Mick, Joe & Jodi
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2021 Red Angus Bull Sale

March 9th, 2021

At home in Lake Benton

*NEW* Online Heifer Sale

October 6th, 2020

Show Circuit Online Sale


Updated Herd Sire Photos

Do we have a long tradition of success showing cattle?

Do we sell show heifers?

Do we sell powerful bulls that work?

Do we emphasize power, doability, performance and phenotype in all our cattle?
Deep rooted passion for family, the land, our customers & great Red Angus cattle.