Cowgirl 365 Photography

Great livestock photographs help us retain the memory of a show experience or the essence of a favorite animal. For those in the business, great photographs serve as major selling and marketing tools. I can assist you in getting the photographs at the farm, ranch or show and would be happy to do so.

With that said, journey on over to my website and take a look at my work. Give me a call for more information and again, thanks for visiting!

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Jodi Weber

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Michelle Weber Studio

There are no clean, white-wall-studio apartments; rather, there are kids, muddy boots, work jeans and Red Angus cows. Agriculture is in my blood. I have a passion for beef cattle and a drive to capture the country lifestyle on canvas.

Contact me about custom paintings, framing, wholesale & corporate orders.

Deep rooted passion for family, the land, our customers & great Red Angus cattle.